A Royal Trilogy: Alix & Minnie by James-Charles Noonan

Meet the author of Alix & Minnie

James Noonan loves to study royal history. Through his close relationships with several members of royal families, he was granted access to their historical archives allowing him to research and chronicle the stories of Alix and Minnie.

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A Royal Trilogy: Alix & Minnie by James-Charles Noonan
James-Charles Noonan

An Overview

Alix & Minnie is the first royal biography in any language that follows the amazing story of two royal sisters who rose from obscurity to lead lives of extravagant wealth, glamour, and power, while navigating a tumultuous path with their families and adopted countries through scandal, war and revolution.

It began when Danish king, Christian VIII, realized his only son and heir would never produce a successor to the throne. His son, Frederik VII, had developed a severe case of syphilis through years of reckless living, rendering it impossible for him to father a child. The king launched a search for the nearest male relative who already had a family – and hence, heirs – in place. Several relations had closer claims in the royal line but no children or prospects of producing any. A minor German prince with blood ties to the Danish king, whose wife held even closer ties to Christian VIII, was selected as the heir to Crown Prince Frederik. The startled young family moved from Germany and resettled in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Once named heirs to the Danish throne, the world began to take note of the children. None garnered more attention than the two oldest daughters who were soon to be of marriageable age, and were quickly considered the most beautiful royals in all of Europe. The eldest daughter named Alexandra was lovingly referred to as Alix. Her younger sister had been named Dagmar, an historic Danish name, but within the family she was known as Minnie.

This trilogy is their true story – the astonishing tale of their lives from birth to the grave; the story of their prestigious marriages, the exalted rank each would eventually achieve—one as the Queen of England and the other as a Russian Empress. It is the story of their spouses, their children and their grandchildren; a story of the pageantry within their realms and the complicated families they entered at marriage. Sadly for Minnie, it is also the story of revolution, demise, and the murder of many of her closest family members.

Alix & Minnie comprises three volumes. During the eight years of research developing this extravagant study, so many intriguing facts, stories, and intimate royal family histories came to light – many for the first time ever. With exposure to such a wealth of information on these influential sisters and their royal families, no fascinating or enlightening details could or should be left behind that helped shed light on their lives.

As a result, Alix & Minnie is one of the most comprehensive accounts ever recorded of this historical family and their experiences. The trilogy has been self-published by the author to assure the integrity of the full story remaining intact. You are certain to be captivated by the incredible real life saga of these two unforgettable sisters and the indelible mark each one left on history.

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