Alix & MinniePhotographic Acknowledgements

Creating a historical series is a team effort, and what an incredible team was involved in making this achievement possible. Photos can be seen here.

Utmost gratitude is extended to the following individuals and organizations, as well as colorization experts, who contributed a vast array of authentic historical photographs that make the story of Alix and Minnie come to life for our readers. Special thanks particularly, but not exclusively, to:

The National Portrait Gallery, London, The State Hermitage Museum, Saint Petersburg with particular gratitude to Mikhail Piotrovsky, Wikipedia, Wikipedia Commons, Getty Images, Corbis, Romanov News,, Picryl, Tumbir, Pinterest, (licenses applied for use, creative commons, iStock by Getty Images, Det Gule Palae, Noblesse et Royaute,, and individual color perfection artists:

PIXBIM Colorization Services, Angelic Rose, Olorin Maiar, Colorization News, Klimbim, Gabriel Dorneles, Royalty in Color, Richard White, Marina Amaral, Missylynne, Alixofhesse, Justine, The Beading Gem’s Journal, Gudd Poland, Sparticus 42, Using CSG, Alekjander Tanasijevic, Gabriel Soares, vanessutza on DeviantArt, marina amaral, royaltyincolour, colourbyclio, ‘RN,’ Magasinet rØST, Perry Morse, Imaginary Edwardian