Alix & MinnieBook Series Overview

A Royal Trilogy: Alix & Minnie by James-Charles Noonan

Two young girls rise from obscurity to find themselves thrust into a world of royalty, politics, pageantry, and immense responsibility. Alix and Minnie’s lives change forever when their father, a distant relative to the king of Denmark, is unexpectedly named as the king’s successor. Destined to become two of the most powerful women in Europe – the future Queen of England and the Empress of Russia – A Royal Trilogy follows Alix and Minnie’s captivating true story as these sisters forever etch their place in the annals of world history.

These three books cover the brilliant lives of these two women and their extended families in Great Britain, Russia, Denmark, Greece and Germany. The series is full of generous charitable spirit, scandal, sex, love, wealth, power, pageantry, glamor and revolution. It is of the same time period as Downton Abbey, and while it is real life in every respect, the author has intentionally written the books to read as a novel.

Alix & Minnie: A Royal Trilogy Book One: Royal Sisters Preparing for Greatness

This is a royal biography of two of Europe’s most important female figures of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries – two sisters born in Denmark in obscurity. Their beauty and effervescence marked them as special from early childhood. The eldest sister, Alexandra (Alix) eventually became Queen Victoria’s choice as the wife of her eldest son, the Prince of Wales (known as Bertie and later King Edward VII). She was considered the most beautiful woman in Europe at that time, and everything she did was copied by women the world over. Her younger sister, Dagmar, known in the family as Minnie, married the heir to the Russian Imperial throne. As Empress of Russia, she became the richest woman to ever live.

Book One covers their family heritage, the girl’s youth, their eventual marriages, and the early trials which plagued their new lives in Russia and in England.

Alix & Minnie: A Royal Trilogy Book Two: Adventure, Wealth, Power and Scandal

Book Two delves into the lives of Alix and Minnie’s growing families. Minnie becomes Empress of Russia, and after eleven years, the Dowager Empress upon the death of her beloved Sasha (Tsar Alexander III). Meanwhile, her sister, Alix, suffers humiliation after humiliation in England because of her husband Bertie’s (Edward VII) constant philandering. Queen Victoria continues to strive to keep Alix from enjoying the great love of the British people, which had grown each year since her arrival in England.

While scandals, the shock of assassinations, and disappointments reign, glamor and pageantry, and love of family, increase during this time as well, especially in Minnie’s life in Russia.

Alix & Minnie: A Royal Trilogy Book Three: Widowhood, War, Revolution and Exile

Book Three is filled with action and adventure. Alix becomes Queen Alexandra and changes the face of the British monarchy. Minnie spends much of her time outside of Russia due to her sour relationship with the young tsarina – Tsar Nicholas II’s wife, Alexandra. In England, war arrives on the heels of Alix’s widowhood. Minnie is stranded in London and cannot easily return to Russia, which soon will fall to violent revolution. The controversial Rasputin is now in control of the young empress, and Minnie no longer has any influence with her son or his government. Revolution brings a cold and unfeeling end to Imperial Russia. Minnie flees south to safety but Nicholas, his family, and many other Romanovs are assassinated.

In time, Minnie resettles in her native Denmark. Alix retires to her favorite Sandringham estate, but the sisters spend much time together at their Danish seaside villa, which becomes Minnie’s last refuge.

Quotes from Readers

From a reader in Texas

BRAVO! I love Alix & Minnie. I was there in St. Petersburg and London with each turned page. This is better than The Crown or Victoria!

From a woman who, in the end, thought Alix & Minnie was a continuing story – as if it were fictional and more installments could just be added!

I sat up long nights reading for four days until I finished all three. I couldn’t stop. I love these stories so much. When are the next installments coming out? I can’t wait!

From a man who hates to read

After (my wife) finished each one, she raved so much that I thought I had to look into it, too. I love your writing and I love these stories. I felt transported to Russia and England.

From an older reader in Canada

You have made reading history an absolute joy. Most history is dry and boring. I hope you get a film deal. This has to become television! It is too good not to make it to celluloid.